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Pharos is an independent music label dedicated to the promotion and provision of living music. It is our experience that living music comes from the soul of a people and from a living culture, so we avoid acting in ways that damage the soul or destroy culture. We value music and the people that make it.

Read an introduction to Pharos records including an interview with Pan to find out more about us.

Historical background

Pharos was set up in 2001 by producer and sound engineer Pan Lemos. Focussing his creative energy on roots reggae and collaborating with ‘Jazzbo’ Victor Downes and Danny ‘Amharic’ Henry, Pan gathered some of the best roots musicians active in the UK and Jamaica at his in-house facility (Century 21 Studios, London) and places such as Tuff Gong and MusicWorks, Jamaica. Early releases include the single ‘Joy and Harmony’ by Eazy Wayne, ‘False Prophets’ by the Amharic, and in 2003, the critically acclaimed Amharic album, ‘Descendants’, followed by Little Roy’s album ‘Children of the Most High’. Pharos also released successful dance remixes of tracks like ‘Love Can Do’ and ‘Stay a Little Bit Longer’ in an effort to bring roots-inspired music to a wider audience. Pharos also released the first Amharic video ‘False Prophets’ which was nominated for a ‘B4 Young Director of The Year’ award.

The first stage in Pharos’s development culminated in the release of the compilation album Pharos Frontline Vol. 1 including songs by Gregory Isaacs, Earl 16, Fredlocks and the late Ruddy Thomas. Pharos continues to focus on quality above quantity in broadening its repertoire and on releasing relevant music today.

What The Musci Press Is Saying

Excerpts from ‘JumpUp’
The exciting new force that is Pharos Records have yet again come up with trumps with another superb roots release
(Review of Pharos Frontline)

Little Roy has teamed up with the impressive Pharos Records, a relatively new outfit who have released several, solid reggae cuts...
(Review of ‘Children of the Most High’ – Little Roy)

The album has again been put out by the folks at Pharos Records who are a powerful rising force within the reggae industry.
(Review of ‘Descendents’ – The Amharic)

Excerpts from Greg Whitfield aka Prof Barnabas: reggae–
Reggae lovers – You can’t go wrong with this Pharos label
(Review of ‘Love can do’ – The Amharic)

Watch out for more fine albums from this largely unheard of Pharos label, a label that look set for great things – A label that has the significant talents of Kenton Fish Brown, Black Steel, Sowell Bailey, Horsemouth and Bubblers behind them, has to be worth watching out for.
(Review of ‘Children of the Most High’ – Little Roy)

This is another fine record from the almost faultless Pharos label. Pharos and the label house band deserve to be heard – particularly if you are into classical aggressive drum patterns and wisdom transformative Gnostic centred lyrics. With this calibre of musicianship, this label looks set to go from strength to strength. Watch closely.
(Review of ‘Pharos Frontline’)

Watch out for this little mentioned label too (Pharos), who seem to have chosen as their hallmark that crisp Horseman Rocker’s drum sound, Bubblers sophisticated Rockers arrangements, intelligent wisdom lyrics in some of the compositions (a real rarity nowadays) and an aesthetic approach to the inner sleeve art work.
(Review of Descendents – The Amharic)

Excerpts from Jakob Levi:
Pharos Records is a UK based reggae label who’s main goal is to make and release good music, primary reggae music. Simple as that.
(Review of Pharos Frontline)

Excerpt from Angus Taylor:
Pharos are to be applauded every step of the way in being one of the very few independant studio/label owners left standing in the UK...
(Review of ‘Children of the Most High’ Little Roy)

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