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The Amharic

“The Amharic is a UK band based in Brixton, London. They took their name from the national language of Ethiopia – which according to Rastas, was mankind first language... As their name suggests, they are guided by rasta philosophy and spread intellectual messages throughout their songs... The Amharic play typical
UK roots reggae instrumentals, led by the original voice and engaged lyrics of Danny Amharic!” – United Raggae

False Prophets - 2002

  1. False Prophets
  2. Irie Feelings
  3. Dancehall Days

Descendants - 2002

  1. False Prophets
  2. Why oh Why
  3. A Thousand Years
  4. Descendants
  5. Irie Feelings
  6. Crisis
  7. Revelation
  8. Lonely Road
  9. Love Can Do
  10. Dancehall Days

Love Can Do - 2003

  1. Love Can Do
  2. Love Can Dub

Don’t Get Trick - 2003

  1. Don’t Get Trick
  2. Don’t Get Trick (Featuring Eazy Wayne)

Love Can Do Enhanced with
Music Video - 2003

  1. Love Can Do
  2. Dub Can Do
  3. False Prophets
  4. False Prophets Video

Love Can Do Enhanced II with
Red Rhythm Remix - 2003

  1. Love Can Do Remix
  2. X-Pan Dub
  3. Remix Instrumental
  4. Organic Original


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