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Little Roy - Reviews

Children of the Most High

“‘Children of the Most High’ is a traditional and refreshing roots, rock, reggae release, which reminds the listener of days of old, capturing the vibes of such greats as Israel Vibrations... This is a solid roots release and a pleasure to spin;”UK Reggae Guide

“This album features some excellent songs – overall, those of you who love Misty In Roots, Marley, later period Pablo Moses and Israel Vibration will doubtless find ‘Children Of The Most High’ a fulfilling and enriching experience.”Reggae Vibes

“His latest effort comes from Pharos, a label rekindling London’s live reggae scene. The strongest numbers are those that are least familiar: the censorious “Membership Card,” “Bomazee,” and “False Talk” are all delivered in Roy’s distinctive style.”Review by David Katz

“The album’s title track is the most original and refreshing, an admonitory call to righteousness that downplays sufferer’s lamentations in favor of a stern rebuke to Rastas who fail to offer a good example of the believers.”Review by Rick Anderson

“...the keystone of this recording, and what lifts it above being just a re-tread of past glories, is Roy’s voice. It has clearly matured beautifully over the years, and infects every track with its distinctive timbre and natural enthusiasm.”Review by Angus Taylor

“As always, his lyrics explore profound issues, cultural, religious and social: “Those that pass through great tribulationÉthey expect a good example from us,” he sings in the title track. “False Talk” at first appears to be in a sultry lovers rock mode, but in fact it’s another message song.”

“Recorded at Pan Lemos’ Century 21 Studio in Britannia Row London, this is a well executed Roots LP..Steeped in the classical traditions of reggae music..all tracks played live by the cream of Londons reggae musicians..its a solid set.”Lion Vibes

“Of the few new songs on the disc, the deliciously melodic herb-anthem ‘Bomazee’ sticks out. Terrific backing vocals, thumping bass, straight forward and uncomplicated riddimtrack, nice!”Roots Music


“Little Roy may be responsible for some of the biggest hits in reggae history... ‘Heat’ is a roots masterpiece.”Jah Rebel @, BELGIUM

“The album is rounded off in real style... It’s obvious that this Little Roy collection has been produced with care and devotion, and thus the music has class stamped all over.”Reggae Vibes

“Definitive possibly, but powerful definitely. What Little Roy has given us here is a solid collection of melodic roots reggae tunes, tested by time but not yet over-exposed... As for the lyrics, certainly their peace, love and understanding themes can be considered “timeless” (as the liner notes indicate), but the overall mode of expression sits predictably within the 1970s framework of Rasta teachings.”JahWorks

“if Little Roy is seeking redress for the times when he wasnŐt getting the recognition he clearly deserves, this terrific CD more than gets the job done”Jammin Reggae Archives –

“...he has endured, staying true to his musical and spiritual principles all the while. The good news is he’s released a second album with London’s Pharos records: featuring fresh licks of many old tunes and using cream musicians from the UK...”United Reggae

“Hopefully Heat can draw attention to Little Roy’s original material so that he can get the credit he deserves.”Reggaemani

“What Little Roy has created here is a timeless album of classic songs, many of which should have found their way onto a greatest hits album many years ago.”UK Reggae Guide